Curve Priority: why curvy, quality and stylish intersect for us at Hanifa

by Mariam Jawara

                                      Tejj in Alia
Despite the many studies that have proven the average size of an American woman is now a size 16/18, the world still seems to cater most to smaller women. Curvy and plus size women are often forgotten or considered last during the design process. Options that mirror all women are usually viewed as a burden or accompanied with lazy excuses such as limited fabric quantity or lack of proper fit models. We’re happy that consumers are no longer accepting the status quo. Beautiful garments come in all styles and sizes. Here at Hanifa, we create with all women, of all sizes in mind.
We prioritize fit 
Often times retailers don’t consider the intricacies in designing for curvy women. When designers truly have proper fit in mind, there are many things to consider. We don’t just make the same garment in a bigger size. We adjust measurements, seam allowances, zipper placement and much more to prioritize how it falls over your body. Fit is important! We want you to feel the intentionality behind each design.
Style comes in every size 
Society wants us to believe that beauty and style only come in the same package. Thanks to the plethora of people refusing that narrative, we now have the ability to truly see more of the truth. Women of all sizes breaking the internet and being featured in billboards and cover stories. The truth - style has no color, weight requirement or the size guideline. Plus size women everywhere are reminding the world of that and taking up the space that is deserved. We LOVE to see it!
So for all the women with a little more to love, the women on the size cusp and beyond, or the ones who struggle with finding beautiful, quality style options - we see you. You’ll never be an afterthought here at Hanifa. We appreciate your support and promise to always design with you, and all women in mind. 
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