Our Spring/Summer 2022 collection is an expression of joy, celebration and wonder. Intense color and feminine shapes with exuberant movement take precedent. This presentation is a roaring reminder to live out loud with an emphasis on provocative colors and powerful monochromatic designs. Personalized details that the brand is revered for take flight and showcase opulent gowns, elongated cuffs, feathers, silk organza and ruffles with pristine artistry. Playful silhouettes and cohesive tailoring boast a rich appetite for life, decadence, and modernity.

Living out loud means to live freely, authentically and confidently. The brand ethos is a distinct call-out to women who are limitless, and bold in every aspect of their lives, not just their fashion choices. The Spring/Summer collection is an explosion of color, igniting your visual senses with a brilliant display of texture, and movement. The warmer months symbolize growth and blossoming, and this collection marks Hanifa’s influence and impact since the dynamic virtual presentation that took the internet by storm in 2020.