SS23 Drop II

While away on Leave, Anifa surprises us all with a continuation of the Spring/Summer '23 collection. Completing the transition from Spring into Summer, Drop II encapsulates a celebration of undoing.

Created for the woman who blossoms with the fresh colors of the seasons, she celebrates her softness with draped silks and gowns that, like her, sweep the floor in majesty. She is vibrant and bears witness to voluminous movement - in life and in fashion.

Drop II is inspired by the intricate details seeded and watered in the fields and by the riverside. She continues to grow and embody new beginnings. She is fine-tuned to captivate the sun.

Boldness that reflects her inner light. An homage to exotic pleating and iridescent tones that enhance dimension and silhouette. The love of sculptural shapes and intricate embellishment is centered. Sprouted earth hues take form through contemporary fresh visions of femininity, sensuality, and poise. Gowns sweep the earth to reimagine moments of freedom.

Welcome back to Hanifa Spring/Summer '23, Drop II is in Full Bloom.

This collection is a continued celebration of undoing. The joy in shedding the old to blissfully find shelter under a full bloom of elevated textures, delicate fabrics held together by bespoke signatures of newness. Asymmetrical backs and necklines signify her decision to emerge soft, therefore strong.

Many flowers peak every season while others require patience - making their full bloom a once in a lifetime experience. Like exotic petals, the Hanifa woman is rare. She is consistently emerging anew, embracing growth and transforming by the renewal of her mind.

Drop II represents Hanifa's Spring/Summer '23 collection in Full Bloom. Unexpected, yet breath-takingly beautiful.