by Sofia Thompson

Our entire existence has been defined by limits. For years, we have been told that our beauty was determined by our proximity to European standards. And sadly, this mindset is seen in every industry and every culture. 

2020 has been tough. It has exposed the painful limits we’re forced to live in everyday. And for Black women, we are constantly reminded that we have to fight twice. Life has shown me that ceilings are meant to be redefined, pushed, and even broken. Many people say “Joy is an act of resistance” therefore I intentionally searched for reasons to smile. The creation of Limitless by Hanifa, is one of those reasons. 

When I started Hanifa, I was inspired to give women what I wish existed. I envisioned a brand that invited all women to uncover their inner beauty, and courage. I wanted each woman who wore Hanifa to illuminate the room, not only because of their natural born essence but also because of the captivating designs created specifically for her. Nine years in, Hanifa has grown into a gift that I’m blessed to unwrap. I am thankful. 

While we continue this journey together, my desire is that you are consistently reminded that limits were only created for people who live in them. My prayer is that Limitless by Hanifa The Blog, will help you to uncover the courage that you need to challenge the limits the world uses to confine us, and also to resist your own self imposed ceilings. 

As always, your support means the world to me. 
To a Limitless Life, 
Anifa Mvuemba 
Designer & Creative Director

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