3 Things to Remember on Juneteenth

by Sofia Thompson

Today, your group chats are likely filled with COVID-friendly Juneteenth plans or you’ve come across the Twitter hashtag #Juneteenth2020. If you’ve never heard of Juneteeth, it’s the day when the last 250,000 enslaved African people were set free. This year we're celebrating Juneteeth in the spirit of freedeom. So whether you’re familiar with Juneteeth or just joining in the celebration, here are 3 things you should know…

Today, red is more than a color 

On Juneteenth, red is more than a color. Red symbolizes the long history of suffering and perseverance of our people. Today and beyond, we remember them with Kinshasa, our Backless Mini Dress from the Pink Label Congo collection.
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On Juneteenth, fellowship is essential (But remember to wear your mask)

We wish that social distancing and limited size gatherings weren’t a reality right now but, unfortunately they are. The good news is that you can still gather using CDC guidelines to celebrate Juneteenth with a few friends. Community is the bedrock of our heritage and Juneteenth is no different!

Lean into duality: You can be both disappointed and hopeful

It may feel insensitive to celebrate right now, when there is still so much hurt in our community. However, if we can learn anything from the past it is duality. After all, “Joy is an act of resistance.” Acknowledge the past, but remember to live in the present. Whether you’ve celebrated Juneteenth before or today for the first time, take time to celebrate freedom.