Sometimes we forget, Here are your reminders

by Sofia Thompson

Loving your reflection is about how you feel on the inside. Words are important and how we speak to ourselves truly does matter. Asking thoughtful questions like “how do I feel on Monday morning?” or “am I in the mental space to scroll on social media?,” can make all the difference. Recently, I started taking inventory of the words I tell myself when I look in the mirror. Here's what I've learned...

1. Compliment Yourself 

Don’t wait to read the comments under your photo to hear nice things about yourself. Practice pointing out the beautiful things you see in you! If you like your hair that day - say it out loud. When you've committed to a new skincare regime and notice improvements - clap for yourself. Since your voice should be the loudest in your heart, say nice things.

2. Embrace Your Body

It's easy, I know. To hide the things you wish were different about your body. By definition, we don’t hide things that we are proud of. When we hide parts of our body, we’re subconsciously telling ourselves that our body is not worthy of being seen. Make loving yourself wholeheartedly your greatest goal. This way hiding your beautiful essence isn’t even an option. 

3. Magnify your strengths

We all have things we love about our bodies and personalities. Sometimes pointing out the negative is easier. In those moments, focus on magnifying your strengths. Even if it is hard to believe, every part of you adds value. Make a list of your assets. Need some ideas?

  • Your shoulders and neckline are statuesque
  • You are loving and passionate 
  • You wear your curves well
  • Your smile brightens up the room 

    4. Prioritize Time Alone

    Being alone often gets a bad reputation. It's actually proven that those who spend time alone grow faster and better enjoy relationships with others. Throw on Jolie from our Pink Label Congo collection and take yourself out on a date. Plan a solo staycation or sip on your favorite wine and spend time journaling. You don’t have to be an introvert to prioritize time alone. 

    How will you love yourself? 

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